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Re: Sun/Mac Interoperation

on building links between applications.
...FE asks for the current selection; when the link is made...

I believe that what has to happen is that the application that will be creating
the full link (and storing it in a linkSpace) must request through IPC that
the other application create a link End, and put a Bert onto the end and return
the ID.  The first application then retrieves the end, and uses it to complete
the link (includes the end in the link Work).
  As for >displaying< a link between applications, the applications will have
to register with each other to be informed if they should display the other
end of a link being shown by the first application.  The first application
would then send a message to the second >suggesting< that it display a
particular link end.  I think that this is too complicated in general and
should be postponed until we have a good opportunity to think it out.  Might
not be too bad to rig for a demo between two specific applications, though.