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The Triad's Wild Card

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 89 12:18:28 PDT
   From: marcs (Marc Stiegler)


   Here we go!

Yee Haa!


   My current thought is that both Autocad and Xanadu would be running 
   on a Sun 3 (Roger, how much extra nightmare does this give you, 
   porting to the 3? Greg, how agonizing would it be to port the 
   code you build on the 3 to a 4?).  


I think either port will be only a minor amount of work.  However, as
a port is required either way, I suggest that the key factor is the
speed of the demo.  Remember that this demo is operating on an Alpha
backend before we've integrated in the Ent.  It is running on bogus
internal data structures.  We should run the actual demo on the
fastest machine that we practically can.

I propose that we arrange in addition for a Sun 4 of some sort for the
show, and that we get Greg a Sun 4 of some sort ASAP.  Greg, how'd you
like a SPARCStation?  Does moving to a 4 sound good to you?