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Re: The Marketing Plan (At Last!)

Well, regardless of marc's comment, I actually believe that marketing is at
least as important as developing the software. How many companies do you resent
that you know have mediocre products but have made TONS of money because of 
great marketing? We are developing a great product and we should make a lot of
money, but good marketing will make us LOTS MORE money! What IS very important
is that we have a great product and great marketing.

What you will find in the plan often are discussion of why this type or that 
type of market or application are better suited for xanadu or why we might have
trouble getting this type of developer on board, etc. The reasoning is used to
PRIORITIZE time and resources in approaching various developers/markets/appli-
cations etc so we make the most efficient use of early marketing efforts. In 
the wrong context these discussions could be interpreted as meaning we can't 
possibly succeed in certain areas. Rather, it is matter of timing and priorities

It is a good idea to read the back and forth comments between Marc and myself
because many issues are expanded in these memos. Reading the comments and res-
ponse on Version I are helpful in understanding issues also.

Finally, as marc mentioned, my proposed positioning for the Application as 
"Issue Processing" should be considered proprietary UNTIL WE RELEASE IT.

Phil has read the latest version and may also publish his comments in marc's
folder. If they are not there when you first read through the documents, check
 the folder periodically to see if they are there.