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I missed 1am. I lost the bet.

I'm also not really quite ready to hand over Docs and Links, but I
have successfully made a Link & put it into a Document!  The really
impressive part is that all the context information (bert, orgl,
contextPathTree) seems to be in a correct and a consistent state!

The next step is the "follow" operation, which uses all this context
information to show where a link end is in the context a another work
(which defaults to te work named in the bert context).  What this
means at the Docs & Links layer is doing the partKey matching between
a contextPathTree & a work.  That and testing backfollow of *links*
(transitive backfollow to bert is already working, so it is just a
question of testing the higher level link-oriented backfollow code).

I've published the current state of my world as:

The Xpp is a minor descendent of a recent merge with Mr. Hill, but
shouldn't be considered to be a version of Xpp (this must wait to
integrate my minor changes back into Mr. Hill's Xpp).  This backend is
also not stubblified, so the fe directory has been removed (pending
stubblification, soon to come to a disk near you).  

This isn't yet an proper publication (according to what I remember of
the stepping on each other discussion) until you see the write
permissions turned off on the above directory.  All that it's waiting
for is to be fully remade, but I don't like to run nohup jobs, and am
going to sleep.

Front-end folk: THIS IS IT!!!  It isn't yet complete, and no doubt
it's broken in places, but here is a rather extensive first stab at
the docs & links layer built on top of a definition of orgls and berts
which is essentially stable.  Have fun.