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Scarce Resources In Global Name Space

Actually someone already has because that someone found himself
sending lots of mail to this Dan person and now has a reflex built in
to send mail to 'dan'.  Through some round-a-bout way my objection came
to your attention rather than returning to mine.  I agree with the
general principle that names should go first to employees, but hadn't
particularly thought about it when I set up the mailing (this was
before Bill when I was doing lots of the system hacking!).  Now I find
myself reflexively putting the wrong address on mail.  To me (even
unbiased) I think backward compatability and future care to be the
appropriate solution.  (If nothing else, Hite is much less effort than

Since your message was worded to ridicule any alternative to
preempting Dan's namespace, I will contain my annoyance.  But I do not
agree or sympathize with the position.

Eric (not Hill, Drexler, Gullichson, Lyons, Raymond, Fair, Neigaard, etc.)