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Planning Meeting, 2/7/89

The main congratulations this week go to Hugh, for his delivery 
of a quick and dirty prototype of basic documents, inclusion 
lists, and link lists. Actually he was late; his deadline was 
to deliver a demo on Wednesday, but he didn't present it until 
12:01 AM Thursday morning. Thus Hugh has achieved a fully minimally 
missed deadline. Thank you Hugh for making inclusion lists come 
to life; I've been wondering how they might look and how they 
might act  for a long time.

Congratulations also go to Gayle, for her brilliant 
assault on PC Week. Gayle, Wednesday I received a call from the 
woman who reported a month or so ago on the upcoming Xanadu spreadsheet. 
I got the feeling she had been chewed on a bit by her boss, the 
editor. Anyway, I was placed in the wonderful position of being 
able to graciously accept her apologies. The retraction will 
come out either this coming week or the next.

And apologies this week go to Dean, whose success I failed to 
mention in my last weekly roundup--he had enfilades working in 
the smalltalk version. I have promised him it will happen again, 
though not deliberately (just as it was not deliberate this last 

Permissions and protections have survived the assault on their 
life made last week by the Director of Product Development, since 
markm thinks he can slip it into the bogus backend easily, more 
or less.

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.     dean

x    2/07/89     resolve crum normalization
     2/13/89     code review enfilades in smalltalk 2PM
     2/14/89     some kind of thing running under Windows
     2/21/89     schedule/list modules for FE dev

     2/28/89     build/procure a text editor for frontend foundation
     3/01/89     address hierarchical 88.1 rationalized
     3/01/89     get frontend caching source code
     3/15/89     think out sensors
     3/15/89     build menuish classes

B.      hill

     2/10/89     test raster orgl
     2/14/89     snarfable orgls
     2/28/89     interface to ents
     3/07/89     do the prototype ent
     3/30/89     build ents
     3/30/89     back reference index structures
     3/30/89     maporgls
     3/30/89     sensors
     8/30/89     build point spanfilade

C.       hugh

x    2/01/89     rough mockup of document/ inclusion list/ link list
     2/07/89     fix hanging links
     2/14/89     implement sparse link browsing
     2/14/89     switch to macapp 
     5/15/89     alpha testable collaborative writing frontend ready

D.       markm

x    2/07/89     version compare works
x    2/07/89     decide on keeping Oasys compilers
     2/10/89     review marcs's evangelizing brochure
     2/12/89     code review of bogus backend foundations, 11AM
     2/14/89     bugg apple about C++
     2/14/89     contact H. Kanner about C++ tech notes
     2/14/89     bogus backend code ready
     2/21/89     first cut of bogus 88.1 rationalized
     2/28/89     bogus backend documentation ready
     2/29/89     discuss and resolve ids as values
     3/14/89     88.1 rationalized layer of FEBE designed and implemented

E.       marcs

x    2/07/89     rough draft 1st-generation  evangelizing brochure on Xanadu
     2/10/89     talk to Apple
     2/13/89     coordinate with Ted
     2/14/89     PERT chart V3
     2/14/89     build chipkeeper for sue
     2/14/89     write down marketing ideas for joel
     2/16/89     "hello world" in C++
     2/21/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu frontend comparison
     2/28/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu integration plan
     2/28/89     investigate patentability of xanadu permissions devices

F.       michael

x    2/07/89     first cleank link of bogus urdi 
     2/14/89     bogus URDI ready
     3/07/89     URDI complete (latest possible date for current beta test date)
     3/30/89     grandmap
     3/30/89     implement coroutine multithreading
     3/30/89     implement the exception handling code

G.       roger

x    2/07/89     harass sun about window systems
x    2/07/89     fix broken 88.1 on Xanadu
x    2/07/89     NEXT follows links using roland's library
     2/14/89     help figure out 88.1 rationalized
     2/21/89     get walker-FE functionaility into C++

H.       roland

     2/14/89     atomatically generated remote desk calculator with transaction logs
     2/14/89     bug sun, newest version of C++ tools
     2/14/89     send back oasys compiler
     2/24/89     discussion of sys admin user interface: with curses or terminal lines?
     2/28/89     transport layers for stubble
     2/28/89     remote stubble
     3/07/89     system admin system for accoutns, and nodes on sun
     3/30/89     concurrency and exception handling as parts of stubble
     4/15/89     build xlint++

I.       sue

J.       Unassigned

     do we need object-pascal stubble?
     programmer's example
     permissions all thought out (post Beta)