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Re: Your fans in Russia talk about you...

In response to Markm's refutation of my fears of tyrannical open 

I can see counter-refutations, i.e., answers that a dictator might
come up with to neutralize the anti-tyranny mechanisms with negligible
cost. Of course, you might be able to come up with counter-counter
refutations, etc. Someday (not today) we will need to do a fact forum
on the matter. But for the moment, I contend that my Question is more
important than any particular Answer: the question being, if YOU, Mark
Miller, were in a life and death power struggle, and the whole 
intellectual power of your awesome mind were dedicated to the purpose
of subverting a Xanadu to authoritarian purpose, what would you come up

Please don't answer the question this month--I'd rather have you answer
the question, in which set of files is the complete source code for the
correctly functioning Bogus Backend stored?


P.S. I'm sorry, but I can't help making one last comment: You assumed that
there would be competing products that would be more subvertible than ours.
Hmm... I still don't see that as inevitable, and it is still my intention
to get 100% of the market for Xanadu (after all, don't we deserve it?).