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discussion summaries

hi.  When you have a discussion of interesting topics, please send out
a mail message shortly thereafter that identifies the topics
discussed.  This way we all have some idea about what other people are
thinking about.  If we are interested, we can hit them up for details.

Of course, the more we can summarize the results of these
discussions (decisions made, ideas invented, etc.), the better.  

We should also send messages about what we are currently working on
(for all the same reasons - see below).

I've bugged various people about this occasionally (and it usually
works), but we should do it consistently.  At the end of every
discussion, get someone to volunteer to announce the contents.

I would be happy to provide my reasons for this request if any wants
them or requires convincing.  (NOTE:  I REALLY want these kinds of
messages to start flowing: about frontends, backends, marketting,
admin, etc.).

To start, what are you up to?