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boundry logic

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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 12:56:09 PST
From: acad!air!william (William Bricken)
Message-Id: <8812062056.AA19094@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: air!everyone
Subject: Boundary Logic paper

I've written a technical paper on Boundary Logic and the Losp Deductive
Engine.  The paper is comprehensive, and is about 1/3 of a planned

If you would like a copy, please ask Laura Collins (laurac).
If you read it, I'd be most grateful for editorial comments at any level.
As the author, it's really hard to know how it sounds to a casual 

The abstract follows:

Boundary logic is an interpretation for logic of a powerful new
mathematical technique, boundary mathematics.  Boundary logic is a
diagrammatic formal system with mathematical properties that are
equivalent to those of traditional elementary logic, while being based
on graphical rather than typographical transformations.  The
computational benefits include a smaller vocabulary of concepts, fewer
transformation rules to achieve deduction, simplification by erasure
rather than rearrangement, operations on both content and context,
asynchronous parallel execution, and visual program animation.

This paper contains an introduction to boundary mathematics, to
its linear and network notations, to the transformational technique,
to an interpretation for elementary logic, and to the current
implementation in the Losp Deductive Engine.  Examples of boundary
representation and proof are provided for logical constants,
connectives, axioms, theorems, and inferences.