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Re: Comdex 88 yatr

Using Xanadu as an information source at the next Comdex ABOUT the next Comdex
is a beautiful idea. Last year, when the big announcement was Hypercard,
Apple set up a "kiosk" in Hypercard that showed maps of Comdex and what
was where. We could go this a big step better because we could have the 
people who stepped up actually add new information, new evaluations, 
advertisements for the things in their booths, etc.--and then the readers
would learn about filtering as they sorted through the Xanadu information 
pool, as well as learn about Comdex and collaborative information creation.

One of the things we might want to get permission to do is scan the 
daily Comdex newspaper and load that into Xanadu as part of the information

This all assumes that we can set up a place with lots of workstations, 
which is not necessarily a good assumption; Gayle, Chris, we probably 
want to talk with Susan Sheridan about this. I suspect we are already
behind the power curve for getting floor space at next year's Comdex,
and it's still not clear to me that Comdex is worth this level of time
and effort.